Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Surprise summer Hydrator- zucchini

Zucchini is a popular summer squash made of 95% water.It is a good source of dietary fibre,vitamin A,C and k, folate and magnesium.It is best to use it fresh and raw in salads because cooking leads to loss of water.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Is water a mood enhancer?

People usually don't consider water as a mood enhancer.However,studies have proved otherwise.Even mild dehydration can alter a person's mood,energy levels and ability to think clearly.

Try this summer cool drink.
1.cucumber chunks 4-5
2.basil leaves 4 to 5
3.fennel 2 tsp
4.1/2 lemon
5.tonic water/soda/filtered water
6.cucumber slice with basil leaf to garnish


Muddle cucumber chunks and fennel together.Tear basil leave with hands and add to it.squeeze lime juice.Shake well all the ingredients and fine strain in a glass.Top it with tonic/filtered water or soda, garnish cucumber slice,basil leaves and serve.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Get up and get moving

Science and technology has made our life comfortable and we are able to achieve everything faster at just one click. But when it comes to health and fitness, it seems difficult and time consuming for most of us because first thing which knocks is gym, some regular yoga, Pilates, swimming etc.and we forget about a simple 40 -45 minutes’ walk which is the easiest way of achieving health.your health is about your lifestyle and a long term goal.
So get up and move, this is what you can keep going in your life for your better health without any complicity and time bar.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Are you stressed? It May be the cause for weight gain- obesity

When we are stressed, level of cortisol “stress hormone” increases in our body developing overeating habits to beat our stress. This increased level of hormone also causes your insulin level to increase and you crave for sugary and fatty foods. That’s the reason that instead of a banana or a salad you try to reach for junk foods.
So when you are stressed you must keep in mind that you are not overdoing any exercise as it further increase cortisol level. Try light exercise such as brisk walk, yoga, meditation will help you to calm down. Try to eat small frequent meals. Add dates or figs or nuts or flax seeds or chia seeds to your diet.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"Puffy face" - lets find out what may be the reason !

There could be so many reasons behind your puffy,swollen face from stress,water retention, allergies etc.

But don't get stressed about it,as it is not permanent.here are few natural ways to get rid of puffy face.

1. Reduce your salt intake
salt tend to retain water in the body causing puffiness.so don't eat too much salted items like chips,wafers,carbonated drinks etc.

2.Eat whole grains,fruits containing Vitamin c,beta carotene and anti oxidants. All these prevent water retention and also helps your skin to glow.

3.Drink sufficient water.Dehydration causes water retention and thus swollen face.

4.Do regular exercise to improve circulation which will help open up the pores.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

As the season is changing slowly,we all are looking forward to spring cleaning of our house.Along with the changing season, our body also needs a change,detox.lets do the spring cleaning of our body too.Include fruit fasting one day of the week to detox.Eat seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetable and drink herbal tea.
Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Friday, 27 January 2017

To achieve good health there is no better way to eat right and exercise regularly.
You've probably heard many times how exercise is good for you. But did you know that it can actually help you feel good, too? 
Exercising daily can help you raise your energy levels and put you in good mood by releasing happy hormones.
We recommend 45 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day if you want to loose weight or keep lifestyle disorders at bay.